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Hey all! I'm Summer. NYC native. Ballet, coffee and flower crowns all day, everyday. This is my blog of many things that describe me inside and out. Enjoy!!~Namaste ☮

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"You sleep in your hotels with four or five stars, I sleep here with four or five billion stars."
A man whom I’ve met who lives in a tent in the mountains, talking about how his lifestyle is better than any hotel.  (via copeleyreilly)

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little things that actually make a difference to general life happiness:
•drinking lots of water
•eating fresh fruit
•thinking positively about yourself and others
•washing your face twice a day
•changing your sheets once a week
•hot baths with Epsom salts
•face masks using from things in your house
•sleeping more than 7 hours per night
•reorganizing your clothes, makeup, possessions etc
•keeping your living space clean

!!!!!! IMPORTANT !!!!!!

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i want to wear your hoodies and stay up talking about the universe with you until 3 am and i want to hold your hand and kiss your face and hug you when im sad and have marathons of our favourite shows 

I like to know that I have this. I love you

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